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Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03


ITEM NAME:Warranty / sheet printing /Carbonless Jewelry Appraisal Forms / sales invoice


PAGES:in duplicate / in triplicate / in quadruplicate / in quintuplicate or more plies




PRICES:price from USD0.015 to USD0.076/set
A sales invoice acts as a bill that is delivered to the customer for a product delivered or a job completed. The two are used very differently in the business world, but both serve as accounting documents post-completion.
Made by carbonless paper, in duplicate ,in triplicate , in quadruplicate,in quintuplicate or more plies. Printed on NCR stock of paper, these carbonless jewelry appraisal forms do much more than just eliminate the need for using carbon.
Adopting a professional format, these forms will help you to note down all the details of the item in question and then appraise it accordingly. While a few terms have been printed on the form itself, you can choose to have some more detailed on the back for a small fee. This does go a long way in keeping the legalities of the trade in order.
Have your company logo and name printed out on the form to lend them higher credibility so as to inspire faith in the client.
50g , 65g CB, CFB, CF carbonless paper NCR auto-copy paper                         
210mmx4”,205mmx11”/3,241mm15”/2,241mmx8.5”,241mmx13”/2, 241mmx8”,241mmx11”,236*297mm,241mmx12”, others can be customized.
The prices of warranty sheet printing , depends on the plies, sizes, processes, with/without serial number and quantities. The more plies, the bigger sizes, the special processes, the higher prices, while the more quantities, the lower prices. For the accurate price, pls. Contact us.